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Weight Loss and Hypnosis:  Does it really work?

What Most Diabetics Need To Know.

by C. Devin Hastings, Hypnotist

When I have taught hypnosis for weight loss, many people have looked at me and said: "What do you know about being heavy?"  The truth is that at five foot, eight inches, I used to weigh well over 200 pounds. It took me 15 months to permanently get rid of over 40 pounds of extra weight.

From this viewpoint of personal experience plus research and professional experiences with successful (and not successful) clients, I have learned what works and what doesn't.

Before sharing with you what is proven to be powerful and very safe for permanent weight loss, please be aware of these two points:

(1) IF you have a serious medical issue, be sure to consult with your primary care-giver before making any changes in your diet and/or lifestyle.  

(2) No one agrees on what works best for weight loss.  Respected researchers and doctors will vehemently argue for and against Atkins, The Zone, South Beach and any other 'diet' that is out there.

So, the information you are going to read is based on personal opinion plus research.  Bearing in mind that someone will always disagree, my suggestion to you therefore is that you find what works for you and don't argue with it!

The next question I always get when I teach hypnosis for weight loss is "Why did it take you so long to lose only 40 pounds?" 

This is a great question because it highlights the reasons why so many weight loss programs fail.  They don't address the cause of the extra weight; only the symptom. 

The reason it took me as long as it did to get rid of the weight is because I wanted to permanently change the thinking behind the weight gain.  I didn't want to rush in with all kinds of resolutions (that everyone knows almost always fail) or any other drastic plans.  I wanted to be able to slowly, certainly change my thoughts so that I never had to think about being thin vs. being heavy. I just simply began to think more like a think person and less like a heavy person. 

Here's a quote to remember: "Thin people eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full." 

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2 Types of Weight Gain

So then, why do some people eat even when they aren't hungry.  A number of reasons the most common being that they are not paying attention!  I call this Type 1 weight gain or Simple Weight Gain.  A person can easily pack on 10 extra pounds a year simply by ingesting an extra 100 calories per day.  100 calories is roughly equivalent to a can of soda.  

Using hypnosis, this is one of the best types of persons to have as a client because their weight loss is dramatic, easy and fast.  

The other type of weight gain I have identified is known as Type 2 weight gain that I also refer to as Complex Weight Gain.  Complex refers to having complex reasons driving the overeating behaviour.  This is the person who has a lot of unconscious stuff going on.  For this type of heavy person no diet or weight loss program will work long term because the reasons for being overweight have not been addressed.  

The problem then becomes compounded because the person who is unconsciously driven to overeat then begins to feel guilty, weak, helpless, stupid, worthless and so on because they really do try to lose weight but it never works long term.  

So what to do?  First of all, if you are seriously overweight (more than 20% in excess of 'normal' bodyweight) and you have been overweight for several years, there is a better than even chance that you may have an endocrine system issue.  This means please get a thorough check-up soon.  This is very important.  You want to be tested for two things: (1) diabetes and (2) Impaired Glucose Tolerance which is also known as Pre-Diabetes.  

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Please take it from very personal experience that you do not want to find out the hard way.  I was losing my vision and other important body functions before I found out I had diabetes.  

Now, let's move on to more fun stuff---how to lose weight permanently.  

First things first, you are not ever to think of losing weight again.  That's right.  You are to think to yourself that you are permanently getting rid of it.  Why?  Because our brains always respond to how we think.  

So there are two big problems with 'losing' weight.  First of all, who wants to 'lose' anything?  It implies loss.  We are darn near hard-wired to have to find anything we lose.  Haven't you lost weight only to find it again?  And probably more?  

Problem #2 with 'losing weight?  Simply put, why do the same thing that millions have tried that hasn't worked?  So many people have tried to lose weight and failed!

Think to yourself how your brain must respond in a deep way to the two ideas of loss and trying something that has not worked for most people who try it.  

So, please begin to change your thinking right now about weight loss.  From now on, you are doing your best to permanently get rid of the excess weight.  

How are you  successfully getting rid of the excess weight?

Do you remember a relationship that you had in the past that you couldn't weight to get out of?  Remember?  You wanted to get rid of that relationship?  

Well, one thing I do is I encourage clients to want to get rid of their 'fat' relationship to food.  Change the feelings and you must, because of the way we humans work, you must change the behavior.  This is why, if you follow this advice, you will realize that you will never go on another diet!

So the major ideas I want to leave you with are as follows:

(1) Change your ideas about losing weight.  You're not losing weight.  You are permanently getting rid of excess weight. 

(2) You are not on a diet.  You are changing your relationship to food.  This means you are getting rid of the old relationship.

(3) Be patient with yourself!  It took a long time to gain the weight, it may take a while to get rid of it. 

(4) You are making small changes.  If you go for the 'New Year's Resolutions' stuff, you're setting yourself up for a fall.  And usually the guilt from 'failing' makes a person eat more. 

(5) You must promise yourself an occasional binge!  Yes.  Look, no one is perfect and when we set up ourselves to have to be perfect, we are setting ourselves up for failure and....guilty eating.  So make a date with yourself twice a month to eat anything you want!  One or two 'binges' will not make you fat.  Guilt will though.....

Finally, please see the below handout that I use in my hypnosis for weight loss classes.  It has some very good hints as well. 

Hang in there and never give up!  And remember, speak well to yourself.  Your unconscious is always listening.



P.S., remember what Henry Ford once said: "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently."

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Helpful Weight Loss Suggestions and Tips


Lose weight the easy way: Reduce food intake by only 50 calories (half a can of soda) per day and permanently lose 5 pounds in one year.

Increase activity by a mere 50 calories a day (park further away from the store!) and reduce intake by a 1/2 a hamburger bun a day (about 50 calories) and get rid of 10 pounds easily in one year!

Gently Reduce carbohydrate intake. During meals, eat half a baked potato instead. Did you know that if you scoop out a potato and fill it with sugar, that is healthier than eating the potato?)

Still enjoy that yummy Kentucky Fried Chicken, but do so twice a month instead of once a week and you are guaranteed to get rid of fat!

Eat half the order of french fries and watch your weight drop! (ďBut I canít throw food away! Itís going to waste.Ē Guess what? It either goes to waste in the garbage or in your toilet.....Ē

Please! read the following books for incredible information:

Dr. Atkinís New Diet Revolution (the information will motivate you!)

Sugar Busters! (Great information)

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