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  Welcome To The Diabetes Research Association of America!

This organization is dedicated to giving unique and powerful information to anyone affected by diabetes. 

C. Devin Hastings, founder of the Diabetes Research Association of America, was diagnosed Type 2 diabetes in 1992.  At that time he was going blind from diabetes as well as suffering other unpleasant and embarrassing side effects as a result of out-of-control blood sugars. 

After recovering from major depression as a combination result of diabetes side effects and being diagnosed with a disease, Devin then started researching alternative approaches to effective diabetes management.  His research lead to being published in the November 1999 issue of Diabetes Interview, a leading national diabetes journal. 

Diabetes has affected 4 of 4 people in his family.  Himself, his father and brother and his mother who first went blind from diabetes and then was killed by diabetes. 

Devin conducts seminars across the United States and England on how persons with diabetes can change their lives in powerful ways.  To see more information about his other life changing seminars, please click here.  This link will take you to his other website dedicated to helping people suffering from other life challenges.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are interested, Devin will donate his time to help you raise money for your charity.  He can either give an informative seminar or an entertaining, family oriented hypnosis stage show.  To contact him, please email: devin@draa.NET* or call 612-730-2789. 

*Please copy and paste the email address into your email service.  The above email address has been disabled from automatically opening because Spam Spiders crawl website finding active email addresses to send horrific amounts of garbage to.  Thank you for your understanding.

Something to think about:

"The empires of the future are the empires of the Mind."

Winston Churchill 

News for diabetics
H.R.T. Speeds Progression of Heart Disease in Diabetics (Hormone therapy can contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease in postmenopausal women with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Using hormones to ease menopausal symptoms -- such as hot flashes or vaginal dryness -- in women with diabetes or pre-diabetes should be an individualized decision made in close consultation with a woman's physician, the study authors stressed.
Study: Soda linked to diabetes in women
The soft drink study, which appears in Tuesday's Journal of the American Medical Association, involved an analysis of data from a continuing health study of 51,603 female nurses.
Study: Obese Kids May Develop Diabetes  A study of very obese children suggests half may have a worrisome cluster of health conditions that increase their risk of developing diabetes and heart disease at an early age. "Obesity is not just a cosmetic issue. It's a big problem because you open the door for serious, chronic complications."
Lack of Vitamin D Tied to Insulin Resistance  Hypovitaminosis D is associated with insulin resistance and beta cell dysfunction, even in glucose-tolerant subjects. "Low vitamin D is extremely common, moreover, "our observations indicate that low vitamin D has a small but significant impact" on blood glucose metabolism and diabetes.

Artificial Sweetener Disrupts Body's Ability To Count Calories Study shows that switching to a diet drink may not be the best solution to fight obesity. Artificial sweeteners may disrupt the body's natural ability to "count" calories based on foods' sweetness.

Triple Therapy Improves BG Without Weight Gain ( The triple therapy actually showed a slight decrease in weight, along with lowering blood sugar to below 6% A1c. First study to analyze the safety and effectiveness of triple therapy using insulin, metformin and a drug in the thiazolidinedione family.