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"The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem."
-Theodore Rubin

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Diabetes Organizations 

Diabetes Information Resources

Diabetes health related information resources

Diabetes and Relationships

Gestational Diabetes


Diabetes organizations

Camp Needlepoint

Ron Youngquist is an amazing man.  He founded this excellent camp for kids along with many other organizations.

American Diabetes Organizations

American Diabetes Associations for Children

UK Diabetes Organizations

Canadian Diabetes Organizations

Worldwide links to national and international organizations affiliated with the treatment of diabetes.

This link takes you to their website.



Diabetes information resources

These links take you to other websites.


Minnesota Diabetes Support Groups

Here you can find Diabetes Support Groups in your state by county.


Ashley's Diabetes Information Center

"Become Informed. Learn. Take Control."  This woman's personal story of her 6 year old getting diabetes is incredibly poignant as well as very informative for any parent.  A must read but have a box of tissues.


A Great Website!  It has excellent material for kids with diabetes.

Type 1 Tools offers a fresh approach to diabetes education and lifestyle management. Our educational tools are designed to simplify everyday tasks and build knowledge and confidence in children with Type 1 diabetes—to make life easier for the whole family.


Latest Diabetes News

Up to the minute medical stories concerning diabetes.  A must see for any diabetic.


Medical Dictionary

This is a great resource if you have questions about diseases/conditions, symptoms and signs/medications and easy to understand definitions.  


Diabetes Interview

A great magazine that always has excellent, easy to understand information.


Pets with Diabetes?  You bet.


Your On-line Diabetes Resource

This website is a must visit.  The author has written hundreds of great articles.  Also, after looking at his site I think you will agree that he has a real passion to help.  


CNN Health Library on Diabetes

This website will give you more diabetes information and answers than you can imagine.   A must see for anyone interested in learning about diabetes.



Spanish/English website that is a terrific resource and is easy to use.  




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Diabetes health related information resources.

These links take you to other websites.


Being educated the drugs and foods that affect you is the first step toward having a happier, healthier  life as a diabetic.  Knowledge is power.  Also, it is simply unfair to expect our doctors to know everything about what impacts a diabetic's health.  


Is Splenda Making You Sick? Find out some common reaction symptoms.

Splenda, which is the brand name for the non-nutritive sweetener sucralose, is added to hundreds of foods and beverages sold in the United States and abroad. At this time there have been no long-term studies done to show how this manmade substance reacts in the human body.


The Truth About Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs, Cholesterol, and Health

Sometimes it takes a while for the not-so-helpful side of some drugs to become known.  If you are taking cholesterol lowering drugs, you really need to read this information.  


Scary Information About Milk and Diabetes

This link takes you to a very interesting and well researched article.


Diabetes Fraud

This link takes you to another very interesting and well researched article.


The British Source for Diabetic Foot Solutions

Online Foot Care Shop offering quality foot care products and orthotics.



Begin Your Journey To Independent Health.  Stay informed of all sides on the latest medical news and health information & discover how to prevent disease, optimize health and weight, and live longer. Mercola.com's 30,000 pages and the free health e-newsletter will show you how.


Current News Stories on Depression/Anger

Up-to-minute news and information about depression and/or anger provided by the American Association For The Advancement Of Science.


Current Health News Stories

Get the latest in health related news stories from one of the best websites anywhere.  It may load a little slowly but it is well worth the wait. 


Simple Solutions for Sugar Recovery

Sugar-sensitive people have a more volatile blood sugar reaction to eating sweet foods than other people.


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Diabetes and Relationships

These links take you to other websites.


Everyone knows that relationships can drive your blood pressure up....or down.  Blood sugar is also very affected.  Learn what you need to know to create a better relationship while lowering your blood sugars.


Gottman's marriage Tips

Great ideas for those who are having marriage challenges.  Must see for anyone who wants a healthy relationship and healthy blood sugars.


Smart Marriages (or relationships)

Surprising information about the difference between happily married couples and those that divorce.  This information can be a life or death difference for diabetics!


Gestational Diabetes Links

These links take you to other websites.


Your Starting Point for Gestational Diabetes Information

A comprehensive catalog of questions about and answers on gestational diabetes. From diagnosis through delivery, you'll find it all here.


National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

What is gestational diabetes? This brochure from the NICHD describes risk factors, testing, and treatment for gestational diabetes.


More Gestational Diabetes Information

Gestational diabetes (also called glucose intolerance of pregnancy) is a temporary condition that occurs during pregnancy. It affects two to four per cent of all pregnancies and involves an increased risk of developing diabetes for both mother and child.


Gestational Diabetes Information from The American Diabetes Association

Gestational diabetes affects about 4% of all pregnant women - about 135,000 cases of gestational diabetes in the United States each year.



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American Diabetes Associations

These links take you to other websites.

American Diabetes Association

ADA Online Journal

National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases

Joslin Diabetes Center


The Diabetes Mall

Center for Disease Control Diabetes Information

Center for Disease Control Diabetes Program - Links

Diabetes Action & Research Education Foundation

Diabetes Online


Defeat Diabetes



Diabetesatwork.org will be especially helpful for: *Large employers *Small business owners *Human resource and wellness professionals *Occupational health professionals *EAP representatives *Diabetes educators *Managed care wellness and benefit professionals



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American Diabetes Associations for Children

These links take you to other websites.

Children with Diabetes On-line Community

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation


UK Diabetes Associations

Welcome to Diabetes UK

Helps people with diabetes, and supports research into the condition.


Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation UK

Has two distinct aims: to finance vital research into diabetes and to support people with diabetes through the Diabetes Wellness Network.


BBC Guide To Diabetes

Clear, quality health information from the BBC which explains what diabetes actually is, what are its main causes and symptoms, together with the treatments currently available. The guide will also give you advice on how to prevent diabetes, as well as offering a comprehensive list of organisations and associations that can offer further information and help.


Child Diabetes Scotland

Brings together information about a variety of centres and initiatives working together to improve the care of children with diabetes in Scotland and beyond.


Diabetes Insight 

Brings together in one place a wealth of information to assist people in the management and control of their diabetes.


Diabetic Retinopathy

A must-see website!  

Diagrams, animations, and photographs. Discusses the different types of retinopathy, how to slow down progression, their treatment, laser, driving, cataracts, sore eyes in diabetes etc.

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IDDT International

An organisation to help and support the people with diabetes and their families who have experienced problems with ‘human’ insulin. IDDT is a patient orientated organisation formed to gather information and try to resist the withdrawal of animal insulin so that needs of people requiring bovine or porcine insulins could be met in the future.


Fact sheet from Medinfo
National Electronic Library for Health

Our aim is to provide clinicians with access to the best current know-how and knowledge to support healthcare-related decisions. Patients, carers and the public are welcome to use this site, but NHS Direct Online provides the best public gateway to health information.



Canadian Diabetes Associations

Canadian Diabetes Association


Canadian Diabetes Associations for Children

Canada Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

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